Inovelli Red Child Device Override

Hi JNS, I'll reach out, but if you want to try one more thing, just to see if this is a universal issue and not one just with my 2 dimmers.

When you are on Green Brightness 1, the LED should almost be imperceptible. I do notice a difference between them all as well, but when I use the dimmer or set LED intensity (just on its own), I am able to go VERY Dim. With the setIndicator, I'm not able to get all the way down to almost 0,

Maybe setIndicator can't go that far down?

Please post a screenshot of how/where you are setting your parameters.

Ok, so first method is obviously right in the Rule itself.

Then I tried Stopping the rule and putting the parameters directly into the Indicator Setting

As you can see, the Parameter gets recognized by the dimmer.

the parameter as shown should give me a very Dim green. Almost not visible. Instead I have a green that is at least 40% intensity,

As far as I know setIndicator is used for notifications, not individual settings. What value[s) are you putting in the setIndicator field? What other parameters are you passing?

Maybe @bertabcd1234 can give better guidance I know he has played around with the driver for these devices.

I'm putting 33489232 in the Set Indicator field, which in turn populates parameter16value: 33489232

Like I said, it does everything right, except dimming down past 40%. I mean, it works as expected, except for the dimming part. I can go to 100% and cycle down all the way to (I'd say 30-40% but can't be sure exactly where it is).

I can set the level of the LED indicator here:

this works to DIM down the level to 10% as I've set it, but as soon as the Rule kicks back in, or I edit paramater16 with any other value, the intensity goes back up to around 30-40%

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