Inovelli Red 2-1 Switch pairing- strange experience

Hi- I have a number of Zooz switches (20+) have had zero issues pairing them. I recently bought a Innovelli Red 2-1, as one room in the house does not have neutral, the Innovelli switch was compatible in this scenario and used in the dimmer setting. I followed the directions provided and added the driver prior to installation. Switch was installed and LED bar was blue as expected. When I paired the device in Hubitat, it was discovered as an Aeotec doorbell 6(?) device. I do not have an Aeotec devices. I just switched the driver on the device to the one Innovelli noted on the install and the switch works great. Just in case I excluded the device and included again to the hub, same results. I assume this is a user error issue but wanted to post in case there was something obvious i'm missing. FWIW- relatively new Hubitat user and a big fan. Also thanks to many on this community as previous posts have been extremely helpful to bring me up to speed.


Not user error if you are pairing it with S2 security. Devices paired with S2 security almost never match the correct driver. It is a long known issue in Hubitat, unfortunately.

After pairing just switch to the correct driver, save, edit preferences as needed, save preferences, then hit the configure command button (if there is one for that driver).


I did pair it with S2 security, rookie mistake my part! I made a handful of changes on the device preferences and saved then configured day of install. There is some noise on the device stats that reference a doorbell, but all of the preferences definitely are for the Inovelli switch. Since all is working as I hoped and my automations are working fine, will go with the if it ain't broken dont fix it. Will likely just not pair with S2 security going forward.


There isn't anything wrong with S2 security, in fact it is required 100% of the time for Z-Wave Long Range devices in the future.

The only issue is hubitat's ability to figure out the right driver when pairing with S2...