Inovelli LZW30 button controller not working, no events

The LZW30 is functioning as a basic on/off switch only.
The driver initially installed was "Innovelli Z-wave smart switch 2" but later changed to "Innovelli Z-wave smart scene switch 2".
I created a button controller for the switch. From device page I am able to generate events which the button controller responds to. From the switch, pressing buttons results in only on/off events. Any ideas on how to get a button controller to work?

I'm guessing you have the black version of the switch. This one doesn't support scene's.

Ahh, fell into the trap. I was stating a solution not a requirement.
Thanks for pointing out that my switch is not a 3 button device, just a simple on/off switch. It got me rethinking the problem.

What I was really after was the ability to detect if the physical button was pressed and thought the button controller was the way to do it. I can accomplish what I want using the Physical Switch trigger. There are so many capabilities to learn (that's a great thing), I just learned one more.

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