Inovelli Light Strips - Share your Custom Effects!

I’m sure some in this community will create some really awesome effects with the Inovelli Red Series Smart LED Strips, so please go ahead and use this post to share! Feel free to also share anything next else that you’ve done with your Inovelli LED strips!

For those that have purchased an Inovelli LZW45 LED strip and didn’t know, it is possible to create some custom effects:

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Here is one effect I created to simulate police lights when the HSM alarm is triggered. It is based on the example provided by Inovelli but with some tweaks. It’s not one you will want to have on for too long - will probably give you a headache! But hey, it should also be unpleasant to an intruder!

It does require at least 2 separate LED strips. The first (strip 1) will rapidly blink red, and the other (Strip 2) will rapidly blink blue. The code below was generated with the LED Strip Toolbox:

The generated numbers go in the driver’s “Custom Effect Start” box to have the effect manually generated. It can also be triggered as a “Custom Action” in Rule Machine :


Strip 1:

Strip 2:


It's a shame these are getting discontinued.

Very much! They work quite well! It’s a small company, so who knows, maybe they’ll bring it back one day!

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These are being discontinued? I was just looking at purchasing some.

Correct. I suspect (/hope) this is temporary, as the tariffs and supply chain issues were noted as part of the reasoning. Any comment @Eric_Inovelli ?

I think they do have a decent stock, and do plan to continue supporting them going forward. I'm not sure if this change means they aren't likely to introduce support for other strip types.

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When I purchased mine, I added a few extra foot long strips to the order, just in case one failed and they don’t have anything left in stock.

I haven’t found any other light strips that incorporated both the tunable white and Addressible LEDs. In most situations, the tunable white is what I use, but once in a while, I like to use the Addressible LEDs.

I am really hoping that one day there will be a possibility to set the pixel Colors of any/all the pixels in a strip.

They normally have a separate stash for support issues, so even if the purchase stock is out the may still have you covered.

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