Inovelli Fan/Switch LZ36 Scene?

I have the Inovelli Fan Switch and I used the default driver from their install. I've set some notifications (super cool) and overall love it - normal automations work just great, dashboard works etc.

I don't know how to configure a scene, though (this is my first one). I added a scene with one bulb just as a test. If I go to the scene and hit on and off it turns on the one bulb it should, but I have no idea how to tie a double click (or triple or whatever) from the switch to that scene. My google foo is failing me - can anyone help me out on what to do next?

I think the issue here is that there are two meanings for "scene":

  • Hubitat scenes (or ligthing/device scenes on any similar platform): basically an easy way to store and recall specific device states, like color and level for bulbs.
  • Z-Wave Central Scenes: reports that devices send to the hub, often based on button presses or multi-taps on the device itself. On the Hubitat side, these get reported as various button events, depending on the device and driver (with the LZW36, for example, a single press of the light button is "button 1 pushed"). This is what Inovelli means.

So, the reality is that you can use Z-Wave Central Scenes for any purpose you wish, whether it's activating a Hubitat/lighting scene or doing something else entirely (turning off your furnace? why not). What you need to make that happen is some way to respond to the button events and create a Hubitat automation to do the actions you want. The built-in Button Controller app would be a good place to start. Just figure out which button events get created for what real-world events (e.g., two taps down of the fan button is "button 2 held" if you use Inovelli's driver) so you know what to do where in Button Controller, and you should be able to set something up!

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Not sure how to capture the button press. If I double click and look at logs, I can see this:

dev:692020-09-29 04:22:48.925 pm debugFamily Room - Fan/Light: CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:3, sceneNumber:2, sequenceNumber:41) 0

If I try to use the button app, I don't have that specific button available in the list "Select Button Device"

You should also see an info log with a button number, or with Inovelli's drivers possibly just what kind of tap you did. What driver are you using for this?

Ahh - got it. Will post instructions in a bit when I've figured out the off bit.

If I capture a button event to turn on and set color (3000k, 100%) works just fine. If I capture another button press and turn it to 3000k 0% it does nothing. How do I do off?

While they're usually equivalent, try just sending an "Off" command insisted of a "Set Level" to 0.

OK, if there are any newbs out there like me, here are the instructions. Bert's comment on scenes really clarified things, too, so I'd suggest reading it above. As long as you have installed and selected the user driver for the LZW36, this should work:

  1. Apps -> Add Button Controller, create, name it
  2. Select your lzw36 wall switch when asked for Select Button Device
  3. Then determine whether you want pushed (light switch) or held (fan switch) by looking at this page: select it, and click 'Add a button action'
  4. After you click that, you will now see all the buttons 1-9
  5. I think it's self explanatory after this, so I won't go into it. You could choose to turn on single lights or configure a scene and activate it

My biggest problem was I thought I could select the button press right away, I didn't know I had to select the one switch to gain access to all the button presses later in the wizard.

For anyone wondering how to turn off a specific bulb instead of doing scenes, if you can't just set level 0 (my sengled didn't work when I did that) you have to -> Run Custom Action, Polling -> Run Custom Action -> Dimmer (this was weird, my color bulb isn't a dimmer) -> custom command of "off"

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You shouldn't need to do that--"Off" is a standard action built in to Button Controller. It's under the "Control Switches..." category instead of the one for dimmers or bulbs (since on/off is supported by switches, not just bulbs, and actions generally appear under only one of BC's categories). That being said, the above ultimately does the same.

Glad you got it all figured out in any case!

thanks, cheers! I am switching over to scenes instead of doing the single bulb, but that's great to know

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