Inovelli Fan+Ligth Switch with Smart Bulb

Is it possible to control a smart bulb through the physical switch? I activated the Local Protection Settings for the light switch, so the the local relay dont work. Everytime a push the light button it send the info to the log, but when i try to automated with a smart bulb, it doesnt do anything.

Does the smart bulb respond to commands as expected when the switch is off?

What are you using to do the automation?

This works--it's what I'm doing with Hue bulbs. Local protection enabled for the light component isn't quite enough; you also need to make sure it is on at at 100% (or 99 in Z-Wave terms; the driver might display it either way or only accept one value--I can't remember). Local protection doesn't guarantee this--it just prevents it from changing via physical switch/dimmer actions.

Then you'll want to make your automation respond to the Z-Wave "scene" events, which on the Hubitat side get interpreted as button events (so "button 1 pushed" for a single tap of the light button--this kind of event rather than a switch on/off event).

If this isn't helpful, I'd second the suggestion above to provide a screenshot (if you can) or at least description of your automation.

I'm using hue ligths as well. I turned on the inovelli switch to 100%, then enabled the local protection for the light. I did the automation througt the Button Controllers App. Im using the original inovelli driver, not the one included by Hubitat. Still Nothing happen.

Iโ€™ve tested this as described with button controller, and it does work for me ... note, Iโ€™m using a different smart bulb, and the bulb isnโ€™t actually in the fan socket.

Excluding any automation, does your bulb work correctly when being controlled from the hub?

I'm using the C7 Hub, I don't know if it have nothing to do with it, but I still can't make it work.

Below you can see that the command info is logging correctly, but whe inset the automation througt the Button controller or Rule Machine, the bulb does nothing.

I tested an automation with a contact sensor and the bulb and it work immediately, thats why I'm pretty sure the problem is with the Inovelli fan+light switch.

What does your Button Controller or Rule Machine automation look like?

It looks like this.

That looks like it should work. Does sending an "On" or "Off" event directly from the device page for "Luz Habitacion Principal" work? Just trying to rule out the possibility of Button Controller not working here for some reason. If so, you could try removing and re-creating the Button Controller instance to see if that helps (or maybe just go back in and hit Done to what you already have; I'm wondering if it's not subscribing to events from the device).

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