Inovelli Dimmers just showed up on Amazon Canada

For us in Canada this may be big news.

They were just put up on amazon canada. I grabbed a couple.

I just installed a bunch of their switches in my place and their switches are the real deal. They feel nice, work nice, easy to install and full of features. I'm a big fan and replacing all of my Wemo switches with these.


I know the original post was back in 2019...but, I am still at a loss, trying to find Inovelli or Zooz in Canada at prices at par with US :frowning: price for Inovelli is $70-75 CAD, while US price is around $42 USD (~ 53 CAD) :frowning:
Adding even around 10 of these will become expensive pretty fast.

I'm pretty sure AARtech is the place to get them in Canada. Fast shipping and great customer service.

I checked there and I do not see any Inovelli or zooz switches/dimmers there. Perhaps they have it sometimes and they are out of stock... I dont know, but right now I don't see any listed.

Right not stock has been tuff for inovelli. They are having issues restocking and are very low in inventory. On the inovelli forums they have a thread with ETA's but its very few and between. Mainly in the states.

Aartech is their Canadian distributor but is having issues getting any new inventory from them.

Its kind of scary as the last line in that thread is

Trust me, we understand the frustration and no one in the industry seems to understand how Zooz has so much inventory readily available seeing as lead times for certain components have now gone to 96 weeks.

My advice for now, if you need them and see them in stock anywhere, grab them while you can and a few extras as spares.

I checked after I posted that and you are correct, they are out of stock. Can you buy them from their main store and have them shipped to Canada? If not maybe you could use something like this if you are anywhere close to the border.

This also looks interesting for Zooz - (1) Shop Home Tech Solution

I've ordered from them as well. They are legit. I got my zooz stuff from them.

Finally, just ordered a few GE Enbrighten zigbee 3.0 switches and dimmers from to begin my journey. They seem to have a sale going on (switch for CAD $47 and dimmer for CAD $52).

If you don’t mind the look, Sinope quality is excellent and they’re a Canadian company.