Inovelli Button Switch NZW31

Has anyone programmed the Inovelli NZW30?
I'm trying to program through the Button Controller that whenever the 2Taps up are pushed, the switch goes off after 10 minutes. To that end, I have put in the following (simple) rule in the button controller:

I pressed the 2 taps up in the devices, and the switch remained off.
Here is the log output:

I know that there must be a simple explanation, but does anyone know why it didn't work?

What driver are you using for the switch? It should likely be a central-scene driver and not just a regular switch driver. I don't see a "button 2 pushed" event in the logs, though if you don't have debug or at least description text logging enabled, I'm not sure you will (but the "Events" tab on the device page should still show you). Also, I don't have this exact switch, but two taps up on my scene switch is a "button 1 double-tapped."

Just a few ideas! Hope one of these helps.