Inovelli bulb multicolor driver bug

Hello, I installed 2 inovelli LZW42 and the command "Start Level Change" don't work as supposed. The command don't ramp up or down the bulb. It go instantly 100% bright or off. I try the inovelli driver on their web site and there is the same bug. I try also with generic dimmer driver and with it the bulb ramp up and down correctly. It look to be a problem with this innovelli driver?
I have a C7 firmware

Thanks for your help.

I was also able to reproduce this - the issue is with both the build-in and the community drivers.

However, this same functionality works on the bulbs when using the generic Z-Wave Plus dimmer driver. (It doesn’t provide the other bulb functionalities though…)

@bcopeland, any idea why the “Start Level Change” button wouldn’t work with the stock driver?

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No idea.. It used to work… Will re-test


Same issue with a bunch of Inovelli devices. I reported this over there the other day: "Start Level Change" changes lights abruptly - Firmware Discussion - Inovelli Community

Hi @bcopeland did you manage to reproduce the problem?


Inovelli has fixed this in the latest driver version. (See Inovelli forum link above.) I haven't had a chance to test yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

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The new driver of Inovelli is working on my LZW31-SN but not on my LZW42.

Someone else can confirm that the bug still be there for LZW42? Near a months ago and no more developpements...

@bcopeland solve the bug!! Thanks hubitat! Inovelli's driver still buggy. The only thing missing in the hubitat driver is the "Dimming speed" setting.

Tagging @ericm so he is aware. Also @mark.amber as he has done some great work on other Inovelli community drivers.

It's fixed for the LZW31. @ericm made the same code change for both drivers. I don't have any LZW42 to test it so I can't say if/why that one is still not working

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I juste tested it and can confirm that the “Start Level Change” command didn’t work for me either.

Ok, this should be fixed now.

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I’ve had this on my list to re-test for a while and finally got to it today. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work for me, and for some reason seems to generate a lot of events, which is rather odd…

I tested Inovelli's driver today and look working now on my LZW42 firmware 2.31.

Thanks @ericm

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Strange, are you sure you have the latest version? It was working for myself and @marcmale it seems.

The bulbs on which I tested it are outside. I suspect the problem might have been related to problems with the signal getting to the bulbs.