Inovelli Blues and Smart RBG Bulbs

Hello smart people. I'm just finished installing some pendant lights above my kitchen island and I'm in the market to make them smart with RBG bulbs. Wondering what people would recommend if these pendant lights which are current tied to an Inovelli Blue 2-1 switch. I hear some bulbs used in smart bulb mode can be a pain with Hubitat. I plan to run these 3 lights in a group and use Zigbee binding to the Blue switch. Ideally, I'd like a bulb that can also behave as a repeater and to also be able to use them in the case that my hub goes down, but I've heard that smart bulbs can be a mixed bag for your mesh. So perhaps I stick with Sengled bulbs which are not repeaters. Anyone have good advice on which bulb I should proceed with? I was thinking Ikea Tradfri since they're readily available as my local Ikea.

Hue are excellent ZB3.0 devices (good repeaters), but they must be parired directly to Hubitat if used in a direct-binding situation. They pair well to Hubitat though.

I’ve had Sylvania bulbs for years, so I long ago setup a dedicated hub just for the lights. More recently I’ve been using Sengled bulbs. I haven’t had any experience with a “good” bulb repeater. I use switches and outlets as my repeaters. Most are on my main mesh but I do use some for the dedicated mesh as well to add to the Sylvania repeaters. The Sylvania bulbs are fine when only repeating lighting traffic.

All my lights are smart bulbs on smart switches. It is expensive but I like the control options. I just setup my first Zigbee binding and it was a game changer. If a hub goes down I can still have local control.

Based on the above post it is good no hear there is at least one good repeater.