Inovelli blue switches unpairing

Looks like you're good on 2.15 then. Disregarding all the Blues for a moment, do you have a good physical layout/spread of other mains-powered zigbee devices so that your zigbee mesh is strong across your home's footprint?

I haven't looked into it any further since, but I remember not being impressed with my Blues being reliable repeaters when I put them in. It's not a big deal for me since I already had a strong zigbee mesh in place.

But if you're relying on the Blues alone to maintain your overall mesh, perhaps sprinkling in some high-quality zigbee-3.0 mains-powered repeaters might help. Or it could just be a different wild goose chase... Just trying to think of some other considerations here.

The only other zigbee devices are hue bulbs around the house. Approximately 100 or so connected to 3 hue bridges.

Yesterday did a test of about a dozen blue switches very near the Hubitat hub. All paired. All fell off as of this morning.

The Hue bulbs don't count in your Hubitat mesh because they're paired to a different ZB controller (Hue bridges).

My suspicion is that you need some other mains-powered ZB3.0 devices to beef up your Hubitat ZB mesh, but I'm leery to tell you to try that, since they'd be more devices to buy, and I know how this stuff can really add up.

But an option to keep in the hip-pocket as you continue to diagnose with Inovelli... If you go that route, the Aeotec Zi is a good repeater, and many folks here really like the Tuya ZB3.0 USB repeater device (plus, that one's inexpensive). You'd want to space out enough repeaters to cover whatever 3-D home footprint you need.

At this point I’ll try the repeaters. The price point does not outweigh the unhappiness of my wife that the switches are not working. :disappointed:

Are your hue bridges on the same zigbee channel as hubitat? That will certainly cause an issue.

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