Inovelli Blue Switch on/off w/ dimmer & Sengled Bulbs Driver Issue

Hi Folks,

I'm new to importing custom drivers into Hubitat, but just got my hands on the Inovelli Blue switches that I hope to integrate with my Sengled light bulbs. I am running a c-8 model platform

Although I had a few issues getting the first switch paired, I was able to get it integrated. When I hit up once to turn on the light, the bulb on the line turns on for a moment before flashing off again, then back to on for a moment, off, loop. I can turn off the bulb with the down paddle in this state. Sometimes the light completely turns off and the LED strip on the switch dims completely. The only way to get the LED bar back is unscrewing the bulb and screwing it back in again. This colour cycles the switch through blue, cyan, green before stablizing at blue again.

This behaviour is noticed when smart bulb mode is turned on or off. If I replace my Sengled bulb with a dumb bulb, the functionality is normal. If I set up the switch within the Button Controller app and test with other bulbs on other electrical circuits, it is fine.

With logging enabled (and not disabling after a set time) I can see some messages in the screenshot provided. I'm unsure if I need to modify something on line 2132 of the driver as it suggests. Am I misinterpreting the code at that line and it's asking me to make an update, or would that just be for the developers?

I included a picture of the wiring in the wall as well. Black is hot going to the line screw and red is not hot going to the load screw on the switch. I'm not entirely a novice at electrical, but this is how the dumb switch was removed and if the Inovelli switch works with a dumb bulb, I don't understand why it can't work with this smart bulb (since that is entirely the reason for buying this brand). That being said, I have not taken the box completely apart and checked if there were other hot lines, but I doubt it.

One thing I'd do for sure is wire in to that neutral there -- always use a neutral when one is readily available like that.

You'll need to pigtail a new short new wire (for the Blue) into that neutral bundle there -- all neutrals in a box need to stay connected under the same nut (assuming all on the same circuit, which is a pretty darn safe bet in this case).

ETA - I forgot the Blue comes with a neutral pigtail, so you can just use that.

Yes, I've been staring at my own picture for the last 10 mins thinking the same. I added nuetral and now it works. Focusing too much on technology and not the classic skillsets. Thank you very much for the quick fix

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