Inovelli Blue Series as Button Controller

It seems like there are several issues with the new inovelli switches and not getting a lot of help with their community.

I have a blue series switch, (confirmed it is NOT one of the ones with the bad MAC numbers, although out of 15 I have 7 that do match the bad batch).

Using hue e12 bulbs, could never get the zigbee binding to work reliably so I am now trying it as a button controller.

I am assuming the buttons are the same as the Red Series (button 1 push = tap 1x on up paddle).

I am also using hubitats button controller app. I can get off to work, as well as multi-tab for hue scenes (using CoCo hue) but can not get button 1 to work.

In the button controller, button 1 push = toggle switch on (hue light group). It runs fine if I try 'run actions' but when I press the involli switch 1x nothing happens. If I tap 2x it triggers a scene, and 1x down it turns them off.

I have even gone into the switch and press PUSH #1 and nothing happens.

How can I trouble shoot this?

Other notes;
The switch is setup as a dimmer, and smart bulb.
Its the latest available driver 2.05

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No idea if the button mapping is same as Reds (never had one), but it's spelled out within this guide - unfortunately, there's no direct link to the mapping table

Resources | Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) - Manual - Switches / Wiki & How-To's - Inovelli Community

I'm using multi-taps and holds with my Blues in Button Controller now -- works great.

I'd say your best bet is figuring out where things aren't happening. Since "Run Actions" works, a reasonable guess would be that the tap from the paddle isn't making its way into Hubitat as a button event. Enabling all logging on the driver and seeing what happens in "Logs" would be one way to see what's happening (you should see things like "button 1 pushed"), with "Live Logs" probably being the easiest. However, "Past Logs" or the "Events" tab on the device detail page would also be good, as long as you know about when to look for the event.

Enabling all logging on the Button Rule could also help; you'll see if it at least gets "triggered," and if not, it suggests a lack of event as above. But if you do see an event, there could be an issue with the Button Rule (in this case, perhaps a lack of subscription to the event). These are two examples of places the problem could possibly be. The above should help you figure out where things are breaking down for you, then you can troubleshoot further from there.

Thanks bertabcd1234,

It looks like it wasnt firing the app, I deleted the actions, and then re-created it and seems to work great. Now I am going to trying the level increases and decreases.

You mentioned that you have it added as a dimmer in smart-bulb mode -- if you are going to program level inc/dec via Button Controller, you may want to switch the Blue to on/off instead.

I have no idea if leaving it as a dimmer would be a problem or not, but I dim via Button Controller for one of my Blues (and that works great), but the Blue is in on/off mode as far as the driver setup goes.

Just a note, they did switch the buttons.

Button 6 Held = start LOWERING light level
Botton 6 Pushed = start RAISING light level
Botton 7 Held = stop changing
Button 7 Push = stop changing

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If you leave it in dimmer mode so you get the level shown on the front LED bar, I suggest setting parameter 1 (ramp rate) to instant (and have the rest of the ramp rates follow that setting or explicitly set to instant) as it will then send fast "level" attribute updates as it updates the LEDs on the front. I then use an app (Switch Binding) that keeps the switch level and my WiFi smart bulb level in sync (you can use a rule or mirror or other mechanism though).

I do this so the WiFi smart bulb level is always in-sync with the LED bar on the switch. With the (Switch Binding) app, even if I change the level of the smart bulb directly, it will update the switch LED bar automagically :slight_smile:

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Yes leaving it to dimmer so the led matches up. Not using switch bindings because I am using the hue group, which works really well through the hue hub.

I can try the Switch Bindings with some sengled bulbs to see how that works.

I had issues also, but it was because I hadn't set the button press delay, and that prevents multi-tap from working

Interesting, I didnt need to do that. Just used the basic button controller:

Button 2 push is double up double tap, imports a hue scene from CocoHue
Button 2 held is double down double tap, and also imports a hue scene from CocoHue

They might need some time to get it right. I am holding off on any professional installations for at least 6 months.

I have been working on the same buttons 6& 7 function with some ZigBee bulbs in lieu of a Hue Group in your example, but I have not been able to get it to work.

I am assuming the start raising/lowering is not the same as change levels on the smart bulbs, any thoughts?

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