Inovelli blue dimmer control

I’m a newbie to Hubitat and recently purchased inovelli blue dimmer switches. I have been able to set rules for on and off for the paddle up and paddle down. Can someone help me with a walkthrough to make rules to use the paddle as a dimmer with my hue bulbs.

I recommend using Hubitat's Button Controller (BC) app for setting up switches (and remotes). BC works very well, and is similar to using Rule Machine (but geared for button stuff). You can set up paddle holds for dimming very easily in BC.

You'll need Inovelli's Blue button-mapping table though -- it's in the "Advanced features" section of this guide (unfortunately, there's not a direct link to the mapping table).

Resources | Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) - Manual - Switches / Wiki & How-To's - Inovelli Community

Thanks. I’ll try.

Also if your Hue bulbs are directly connected to Hubitat, you can use the Zigbee binding app or the Mirror Me app

I can try this.