Inovelli Black switch and GE Aux Switch - working as designed

Just wanted to report that I have successfully installed an Inovelli Black switch in a 3-way with a GE Aux and it works as advertised.

Took some time to figure out the wiring but other than that... :slight_smile:

Have fun

Edit: Forgot to mention, @Eric_Inovelli your documentation in the box and online are some of the best I have ever read. Easy to follow. My issue was tracing my wires and knowing which option to use... Not an Inovelli issue :slight_smile:

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II’ve grabbed about 6 switches and 2 dimmers. They are really good. Lots of features and feel really nice. I’ll grab a few more over time to get ride of my Wemo switches.

Let me know how the two dinners like using your 6 switches :slight_smile:

Lol. This stupid iPhone autocorrect is getting worse over time.

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