Inovelli Black Gen 2 Dimmer not showing up as a button device

Hi All,
I'm trying to create a new rule using an Inovelli Black dimmer. When I do it does not show up under the list of available "button devices". I have several Inovelli Red dimmers that do show up there.

Any idea why the Black dimmer doesn't show up as a button device? Is this one of the differentiators between the Black dimmer and the Red dimmer?

Both the Red and Black dimmers are using their current appropriate Inovelli supplied drivers.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, that is one of the differentiating features between the product lines: the Red Series supports "mutli-taps" (technically Z-Wave Central Scenes that get reported as button event by typical Hubitat drivers). The Black Series does not--only single taps in each direction, and no scene/button events for those, though you're unlikely to need those unless you have local control disabled since the on/off events would give you the same information.

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BAH! ok... I guess its time to order more Red dimmers.

Thanks for the quick reply!