Inovelli Black Friday

Any idea what the Inovelli Black Friday deal was last year? We are buying a new house the needs some electrical updating. I plan on changing everything to inovelli z-wave in the process but the electricians will be there the week before thanksgiving. I am trying to decide if its worth my effort to wait

Keep an eye on this for updates...

Last year, there was an extended "Black Friday" deal where you could buy four LZW31-SN dimmers (Red Series) and get two LZW42 bulbs (RGBW, sans retail box) for free. I would not count on that happening this year--I think they overestimated the demand and had a lot of boxless LZW42s left over afterwards (or maybe this itself was the result of overestimating their demand in the first place; I don't recall the exact timing). So, that's probably a bad year to use as an indicator--but maybe they'll have something else this time around. :smiley:

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Hey guys -- we likely will not have a Black Friday deal this year due to us basically being out of stock and the demand being extremely high.

We did want to roll out a rewards program and offer up some slick deals around that, but the company that we were working with kinda dropped the ball so we have to delay our launch of that as well (sigh... 2020).


Dang! Was looking forward to a deal. Thanks for letting us know not to wait! I needed a fan switch.

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