Inovelli Black 3-way switch unusual wiring help requested

If your drawing is accurate then you don't have a neutral. The C1 white is your line hot from your circuit breaker and your c1 black is your load to your light bulbs. That's the reason why you have 119v when the light is on and 0 when the light is off according to your measurements at the very first post. Your are missing the neutral.

The neutral is the black line that is currently not connected to the "dumb" switches at the back of the box, isn't it? There are no readings for that line.

You meant this wire with the green arrows? It's connected to SW2 terminal #2 according to his drawing.

No...the one with the blue circle. You were the one who said that was the neutral in the first place! Why don't you think so now?

I did thought it was a neutral and asked him to confirm until he added the hidden switch in the new drawing which confirmed it's not a neutral.

Thanks for all the support both here and at the Inovelli community. After a great deal of messing about I'm going to fall back to a couple of Sengled smart bulbs. These are hallway lights that we rarely activate anyway. Motion sensor and bulbs will accomplish what I want.


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