Inovelli Authored Switch Drivers LZW-30 LZW30-SN

Inovelli makes Hubitat drivers for their devices. I'm curious if there is some reason that Hubitat doesn't adopt the Inovelli drivers or any known reason I shouldn't use them. The drivers have more capability, some of which I find quite useful.

Inovelli Hubitat Drivers


Hubitat writes all their own built-in drivers (or likely contracts out some, but same idea), so that's one reason this is unlikely. The other is that Hubitat's built-in drivers (and, IMHO, well-written community drivers) tend to follow certain conventions: debug logging showing information coming into the device for parsing, info logging showing device events, both optional, button events like "held" and "released" being used for their intended meaning, and...Inovelli's drivers do not follow these conventions exactly. :slight_smile:

But, like all community drivers, you are free to install them and use them if you wish. They are pretty popular from what I've sen here, and I do not intend to imply from the above that they cause problems, just that they aren't as Hubitatty as Hubitat's own drivers. You'll be in good company if you use them--or if you don't. (Personally, I wrote my own drivers for these because I wanted more of the features with less of the non-Hubitatty-ness, so that's another option, too!)