Innr smart plug


I am trying to discover my innr smart plug via zigbee to my hubitat. In total I have 4 smart plugs, but they are not discovered / detected in device discovery. I dont find them in the supported device list, but shouldnt the devices anyway be detected during this phase?

INNR Smart plug


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Others have managed to pair the Innr plugs so even though they are not on the supported list they do work. If these have been connected to some other hub, you will need to find the process for resetting them to "forget" their previous pairing. I usually do that for anything I add to a hub even new out of the box devices. Next put the plug into pairing mode according to the plug manual and then put the hub into ZigBee pairing mode. From the manual, make note of how the plug indicates it is in pairing mode, flashing light etc. and ensure that it does so before attempting to pair. It is possible you may need to go through this more than once.


Thanks ! After a couple of retries it actually paired !! Thx

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Three more to go.