Innr BY 265-2 Smart Bulb {Solved}

I (naievely) went out and bought a number of Zigbee smart bulbs without checking the compatability list and do not seem to be able to get them to work with my hub.

These are model number BY-265-2.

They are detected during pairing and are automatically assigned the "Advanced Zigbee Bulb" driver. At this point they do not work. On/Off controls, set level, etc. Nothing responds with nothing in the logs.

I manually switched to the "Generic Zigbee Bulb" driver and this appears to have solved the problem and made it all work.

I document this in case someone else has these or like me does not check, and so that there is an answer when someone searches for BY 265-2 or BY265 to get help.

Did you happen to check if hitting "Configure" (and then waiting a few seconds, but you won't see anything happen in the UI) made the Advanced driver work better? In any case, it should run automatically on pairing (so this would just catch it if it didn't for you) and is usually a good idea to do if you manually switch drivers (so I'd try it on the Generic one too if you didn't).

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Put it back to advanced driver. Open the logs and then on the driver page filled in the settings under it and hit save. Then hit configure on the driver page and watch the logs.

Yes I did try that, it had no effect. I also tried powering off the bulb, re-running a discover (detected as known device) and then doing Configure.

Nothing appeared in the logs when pressing configure (with Debug turned on) when the Advanced driver is selected.

Thank you both for the pointers as I am sure there area many reasons the Advanced driver should be better :smiley:

Ok that's not right, did you click save?

should end up with this.

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So your comments have made me go back and test this again. I set the driver to the Advanced one, Saved, Pressed configure, enabled Debug logging, saved, tested turning off and on. Everything worked.

No idea why it did not when I first paired them. I have no explanations.

Thank you for prompting me to try again, I will leave it with the Advanced driver and let everyone know if I see any weirdness.

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Why is advanced needed?

So I received 2 more of these bulbs today and started pairing them for my office.

This is the log from one I received last week when I switched it from the Generic to the Advanced driver.

This is the new bulb when I have paired it detected with Advanced driver, configured to Generic driver, configured back to Advanced. After each one pressing the configure button.
There is something odd because the log is not showing the descrMap: which I assume is the bulb responding to some query from the Advanced driver.

Is there some time period I have to wait after pairing before devices will respond correctly? Am I being impatient? Is there any additional level of logging I can get to work out what is going wrong here?