Inlo: Presence indoors!

Here's a very interesting solution to indoor Presence that's "coming soon"

Might give you some more ideas / capabilities @iharyadi :slight_smile:


Looks kinda neat. Also like something @iharyadi may be interested in.

Edit lol you tagged him already. Whoops..

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There'll be an open API also.
They wrote..
"Yes, we will have public APIs that allow you to get your location information and events along with preference data for users."

This is pretty cool, I tried something like this myself with pi zeros, trilateration was a bit meh, I couldn't quite accurately place myself in my home using 3 stations (probably 5 or more would have done it). I ended up going with a high rssi (signal strength) as an indicator of what station I was closest to and then update that location in hubitat. I did all that and I still don't use it but it updates my dashboard.

If this takes off though I'd be up for it.


Unfortunately I have zero faith in Kickstarter iot projects. So many just die without ever coming to market. Still waiting for Innovation in Motion Slide Curtains... for years now.


Yeah, I’ll wait til it’s an actual product too.m. I will say having built a product like this as a hobby item it’s less pie in the sky and more scaling up manufacturing so it’s got a chance

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Some more info on the API...

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These guys always make their product harder to integrate as if they are building some kind of smart hone empire, instead they go out of business in 18mos and the customers are left holding a literal brick.


hmmm, that reminds me that I'm still waiting for my fantastico-amazing-wonderful automatic cat feeder :unamused:
with embedded webcam... :rofl:

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"the APIs are Cloud based".
Same old story.


The whole thing is cloud based it sounds. So to find out what room I’m in requires beaming my info to their servers? Nah. I’m good. Thanks. When they go out of business in two years when they realize what their cloud costs will be to do real-time location for thousands of people they’ll shut their doors and then I have a nice brick of a device like my two Petnet cat feeders.


Yes it’d be terrific if it acted ‘local’

Hence @rob121's experience using a bunch of Pi's working locally. I've read elsewhere about this approach. I think it's a much more interesting solution.

This isn't looking good...


pledged of $30,000 goal



71hours to go


I am very excited about this project and was disappointed when the kickstarter failed.

The good news is that it appears that Inlo is still going to happen and I purchased mine last month. The better news is that since it isn't through kickstarter, if they don't deliver, you could file a credit card dispute. The best news is that the price on their site is cheaper than the kickstarter.

I'm buying two ten-packs so that I can really triangulate where everyone and everything is.

Their website is TheInlo com

I emailed them and the Apps are supposed to be released this month with devices shipping before the end of the year.

I am NOT in any way associated with Inlo. I am just super excited about their project and I hope that it is successful.

All of those things are what made me even more skeptical. So they needed the money from kickstarter to make this happen. But then it turns out they don't, and then they decide that they can actually afford to sell it even cheaper than the pre-order "discount" backers were supposed to get? Oh and they're even going to ship on the exact same timeline that they originally said they needed the $30k to make happen. It just seems fishy to me.


Yes, I had that thought too. Maybe I am too optimistic. I'm giving them until January to deliver or refund. That is still well within the 6 months for a credit card dispute.

Hopefully you're right, it's a cool idea. I've just been burned by a few kickstarter campaigns.

That does sound interesting, if the make an API for use by other systems like Hubitat.

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