Inline switches with Z-Wave?

Looking for something like this SwiidInter Cord Switch at Vesternet

I have two lamps on my nightstand, we use the inline switches all the time so I do not want to lose that feature but I would like to turn them on automatically at dusk.

I have a 3D printer and I am comfortable with wiring if there is a Relay out there I could add a switch to myself?

This has worked well for me - Shelly 1 + Button (White) | Shelly Store UK | Smart Home Automation

Thanks for replying. What I ended up doing was buying a zooz z-wave relay and a plastic electrical box on Amazon and a switch. I stuffed everything in the box, cut a hole and mounted the switch and put it in-line with my bedside lamp. The box is bigger than id like, but it works great and my bedside lamp goes on and off. Many of my outlets are in-use with other stuff or use power strips or are buried behind furniture's so this was the best option for me.

We use a combination of Picos and smart bulbs or the Hue lamp control plugs and associated picos with regular dimmable led bulbs where something very bright is required.

these would work too .. albeit pricy and meant for high power devices.. but they have an inline switch and are zwave..