Initializing Hub Stuck on 70%

Well a bit ago I noticed my hub was unresponsive in web browser so I pulled the plug for 60 seconds and plugged it back in. Now my hub won’t boot and it’s stuck on 70% initializing. It’s been this way for over 15 minutes.

I sent an email to support but hoping the staff monitoring the community an provide a quicker response and suggestions. I don’t want to reboot it again without further direction.

I had something similar happen to me multiple times.
Regarding the hub not responding part, sometimes it would be totally unresponsive while other times it would respond, but with a server 500 error.

When I pulled the power and tried a reboot, especially in such conditions, I have encountered the stuck at 70% loading issue too and I could only get out of it by pulling the plug again.

However, in all my cases, the common cause had been that one or the other of my RM or webCoRE rules would have run off limits and created some flooding or conflict situation that caused the hub to become unresponsive. To fix it, I had to either quickly go to the offending app and fix the issue or disable the radios to buy more time to fix the issue.

No idea if your scenario is similar, but just thought it may be useful to check.

Thanks for this. I left my hub initializing all night hoping it would go past 70% but it never did. This morning, no difference. I cycled the power again and it’s finally back up.

Last night it locked up when my wife was asking Alexa to turn off a switch. But who knows, I have scheduled refreshes running because of older GE switches and using the other hub event pusher sending things to ST. Maybe everything was running at the same time.

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It seems like a good idea to have some window on resource utilization to diagnose (or avoid) scenarios that could approach capacity or rate limits. Not sure what is possible or what the right indicators should be but it’s going to be more of an issue as apps become more complex. This was raised as a wish list item a while ago.


Today I noticed that my Smart tile panel was not working. I rebooted my hub through reboot menu. After reboot hub stuck at 10% initializing. Pulling the plug did not do any good. After every reboot hub stuck at 10%. Did not make any changes recently. No new rules , or pistons.
Sent email to support, but of course today is Saturday :frowning:

Oh no… Try to be patient and wait longer. It seems to take longer lately. I am not sure what’s going but support will get you up and running again. Hope you have a backup downloaded to your computer just in case. The back up on the hub will still be there after you rescue the hub but it’s always a good idea to have one on your computer should a hub replacement is necessary.

Good luck…

Thanks to Bobby, I am back in business. Had to reset my hub, but was able to restore from backup.

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