Initial setup no longer requires cloud registration?

Hi all,

This evening I fully reset my whole smart home including my Hubitat Hub C-4. My hub has never been reset since it was first installed in 2017.

Am I right in thinking that it's no longer a mandatory step to register the hub? I was able to skip the registration step. (FYI - Obviously I have since registered the hub via the Portal)

If so... this is really great work to untie the previously mandatory cloud element during initial setup. I once read a Hubitat review from the past that challenged the "100% Local" claim because of this initial cloud registration.


I believe it's automated now and may take one round trip to/from the cloud. Too fast to notice, is what I'm suggesting. :slight_smile:

I 'full reset' my development hub a month or more ago and I was surprised by the same thing.

It is still mandatory to register the hub if you need to use cloud connected devices, however, the hubs come pre-loaded now, so we are 100% local - no longer need to go out and download the initial update in order to get started. All you need to know is the IP address of your hub. Many people find it easy to discover the hub's IP address via


This is very interesting. I have been on my original C-4 hub for quite some time with little problems. I have 56 zwave and 30 Zigbee devices humming along every day. I also have two C-5 hubs I bought for grins and I would like to fire at least one of them up.

Questions: Can I leave my original C-4 connected to my router and powered up and plug in a new C5?
Would I then go to to get the C-5 going?

Yes, i recently added a 2nd hub and that’s all I had to do.

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I have 4. No problem with them all online at once. 4 Hubitat, 1 SmartThings, 1 Homebridge, all working together. The registration is very smooth now and is where you go, yes. The MAC address is on the label on the bottom and it can't hurt to reserve an address before you plug it in the first time.

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