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I am trying to setup a HE without having access to the internet or control over the router. My provider furnished me a static IP to put into my config. Anyone know the initial IP so I can direct connect to my PC and set the static IP?

if it received an ip address from a dhcp server, can you find it by going to (assuming you're on the same lan)

He's not using internet access

indeed. nevermind me.

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If your router issued the ip via DHCP you can try looking at the DHCP table in your router or try hubitat.local in your browser. There is no "default ip" for hubitat. You do at some point want to let it connect to the internet though to get the latest platform update and z-wave stack.

In addition to the above, you could also see if running arp -a from a command line or Terminal (should be available on Windows or macOS by default; other systems may vary) finds your hub. The MAC address, which should also be listed, would start with 34:E1:D1:8 (except maybe on the very early model hubs you probably don't have). Just another option that may or may not work, depending on how "locked down" (it seems) your local network access is.


The ARP might work. I have no access to the router, so I can't find it there.

Not sure if you are wanting to hook the ethernet on the PC to the HE directly or would the PC be on the same LAN as the HE and you just need to find the IP it got from DHCP? Is there even a DHCP?

Worst case, you could setup a DHCP server on your PC and connect the HE directly to it, then HE should get an IP from there which you will be able to see and then connect to it.

Found this searching, seems to be a decent looking and active project.


Would it not be an address of the form 169.254.x.y?

That is simply the default address most stuff gets when it can't get an ip from the DHCP server. If it is able to be on the local network he would have to set an ip on his computer to match that subnet if it's even broadcasting on that subnet )

It would. But that is a non-routable address .....

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I would think you would be able to manually configure a PC to that network and then scan for the IP. I would think that would work as long as both are on a "dumb" switch.

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Yup. 100% - it should. As long both the PC and the hub had APIPA addresses (

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do you not have any form of internet? or is it only for the HE hub? if you have a valid DHCP server is running, the HE will get an internal IP address. if you have another device on the same network, you can run a network scanner. do one before turning on the HE, then do one after, and see what IP address was added

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