Initial device naming setup

Some weeks ago I set up a friend's new HE. Apparently, with the 2.2.6 code, the Device Name gets defaulted to the Driver Type selected. Even though I changed the Device Label to Toilet lights, I end up with the Past logs that refer to the defaulted Device Name rather than the desired Device Label.

Steve device
Note that the above image was captured after I edited the Device Name to be the same as what I initially set as the Device Type.

Bottom line, my Past Logs report still refers to the devices by their original, default name as set when the device was first installed (and before I changed it to what is shown above). When I select one of the Leviton DZ6HD... dimmers in the Past Logs, I actually see the correct device log. Question is, how might I go about changing the device types showing at the top of the Past logs report as shown below?

Sounds like this:

Thanks for the timely feedback. Didn't find your previous post/explanation. Guess I'll just have to wait it out. Just surprised since this is the third system I've set up and saw the expected "Label" for the first two. Thanks again.

Well, I guess enough time passed because the names at the top of the logs now reflect the Device Label as I expect.