InfluxDB Logger issue

I've committed a fix.

FWIW, I went back and checked the original SmartThings doc. I don't think nested sections were ever supported, they just happened to work. And in this particular case, I'm not sure they are actually helpful.

This code is pretty crufty at this point. It could stand a complete rewrite.

:smiley: I don't use this app, never have, but Nested Sections seemed to be something I'd do someday. :smiley: So I've been poking my nose in.

I can't understand what purpose it served in this code, so eliminating it seems wise. But in the interest of protecting myself from this error, the test seems to indicate this probably worked in previous platform versions. Both HPM and HubConnect use Sections extensively... but not nested :smiley: I can just see myself making that mistake. :slight_smile:

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I believe that was a addon though for Hubitat to support custom virtual drivers. The original InfluxDB Logger for Smartthings only used supported capabilities.

Need to update the package manifest also with new version # so it prompts people using HPM there is an update. Otherwise they will have to manually run a repair to get the update.

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In referencing SmartThings, I was referring to the SmartThings Classic system, from which much of the Hubitat concepts are derived. The concept of nested sections is not in the SmartThings documentation, so I think it's something that accidentally happened to work rather than an intended feature. Given @gopher.ny's statement, this seems to be correct.

Good point, thanks. I actually had not noticed that there was a manifest when I made my commit.

Edit: There wasn't a version number in the manifest. I've added one... hopefully that triggers the update for folks using hpm. Appreciate it if someone tested to confirm. Thanks.

There is two places you can have the version and it was already in there in the top level, now its in there twice. For this app since it is ionly one file I would use the top level version. For some of my driver packages I removed that and list each individual driver version for each file.

HPM is not finding it as an update, I suspect it is seeing the top level version and not going any further.


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I thought the version on line 4 is the version of hpm metadata. I have this in all of my manifests and have since the first version.

Edit: Looking at the hpm dev doc now... FUDGE.

Confirmed, it's a backwards compatibility issue. There will be a fix...

Yes was just going to post this:


Thanks for setting me straight. I have a lot of manifests to change. :slight_smile:

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I've transferred HPM documentation to:

with Developer docs at:

If there are any improvements you see, I'll be glad to edit them in.

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