Inexpensive Cheap Outdoor Displays HE Compatible?

Does anyone know of any cheap waterproof (or water resistant) outdoor displays to use with HE?

In particular, I have a hoop house (mini greenhouse) that I’m adding a Iris V3 motion/humidity/temp capabilities to in order to check on the temps remotely via Alexa and alerts so it doesn’t overheat (saw that it reached 135-degrees the other day and wasn’t expecting that.) Was hoping to have something near the hoop house that has a display that communicates with my Iris V3 sensor and could be used to report other data such as weather, etc.

I suppose I could spend more money on a smart humidistat with a display but I’m just curious if people have any suggestions/recommendations or am I better off buying some elaborate type of weather station with sensors instead.

What about a cheap tablet in a waterproof case? Make a small hole to run a USB cable in for charging and seal that with silicone caulk or such. Or a wireless charging adapter.

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How about something like this? 8.4" Raspberry Pi Waterproof Ip65 Touchscreen Lcd Monitor 1000 Nit Sunlight Readable Monitor - Buy Touch Screen Monitor,Waterproof Lcd Monitor,1000 Nit Lcd Monitor Product on

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That's cool I was thinking about an EInk display maybe.

and something like this..

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I use the Amazon Fire HD 10 2017 flashed with Android (SlimLP) as my house controller for all smart and security devices.
There are some waterproof case like this (I have never used that so no comment on it)

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I flashed my Fire HD 8 similarly but am not using it as a control panel.
I’ve read that many tablets simply keep draining even if connected to a more permanent power supply so I didn’t bother.

Thanks everyone. I was actually hoping for something much simpler.
Something like this (but using my current display less devices without spending a lot more cash);
Govee wifi thermometer

Get a cheap smartphone with a waterproof case. Add in a HE dashboard and you are good to go.

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Building on @Navat604 's idea, perhaps invest in a decent mount for your own phone, putting your phone in place whenever you are in the greenhouse, without the need for something permanent that is not used when you yourself are not in the greenhouse. By mount I am really just thinking of somewhere to dock your phone It also opens up possibilities for other people to make use of the same setup. NFC tags may also provide a simple transition to the display of an appropriate dashboard if that is what you want.

For me I am quite happy with strong magnetic mounts on the side of my fridge for my phone and a more permanent tablet. Similar mounts may suit your situation....

This potentially removes the need for power, if your phone is adequately charged.