Indoor Cameras that Work with Hubitat

Im looking for some suggestions for some indoor cameras that work with hubitat.

Im also using google/google home products, Looking for some suggestions.

I think the question is what do you mean by work with.

Technically cameras are not supported by Hubitat. There is no standard capability and it really isn't designed to interface with them.

That said there are ways to use Cameras as Motion sensors for Hubitat.

Probably the most common Camera solution would be to use Blue Iris with a PC and use the BlueIris integration, or Motion with webhooks to Hubitat.

You can also use Arlo via Smartthings with HubiThings Replica. For this mater any camera that works with Smartthings could probably be integrated the same way.

But I still think the big question is what do you mean by work with.

@steven7 As @mavrrick58 points out, you can use a camera on a dashboard but for triggering you will need a bit more. Some use Blue Iris, some use Camect (I use camect). With Camect you can use pretty much any camera, Blue Iris as well. Depends on how you want to set things up but both are equally good.

I just was unaware of my options, so I was looking into what might work with Hubitat if I wanted to do some triggering as well. its mostly just an indoor camera for a play room. but wanted to have options open.

If you have a spare always on PC and only 1 or 2 cameras, blue iris might be best. The LE version supports 1 camera for $40, and the Full version supports up to 64 cameras and starts at $80.00. It can tie directly into hubitat.

when I did a kitchen reno recently I ran ethernet wires to the exterior of my house with the intention of putting cameras there eventually. does blue iris work with both wired and wireless cameras?

Yes. Camect and Blue Iris do. They use tcp/ip for communication. The fact you ran ethernet, use POE cameras. (I recommend Foscam cameras)

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