Indicator Lights Recommendation

Hello, I recently purchased some HSM200 sensors that have a large indicator light and the ability to change colors. I’m wanting to create some automations that will utilize colors to notify me of different things such as washing machine turning off, doors open, etc. I also have some unused LED strip lighting I’ve thought about implementing in some way for this.

I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to create these automations beyond building something in Rule Machine? I’ve never used webcore - would that be my best option? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much!

I don’t know these devices very well, but assuming they have the capabilities of a color bulb, then it really depends how you want the automation to trigger or which actions to take.

It’s possible that basic rules or room lighting could do what you need, in addition to rule machine, which almost certainly can.

WebCoRE can create automations that are as flexible/complex as rule machine, but if you don’t use it at all already, I’m not sure there’s a particular incentive to start using it. I wouldn’t call it the best option simply because it has a learning curve and it’s new you, plus other apps might be fine for at least some automation needs related to this.