Incorrect Lock Code Notification

I have a Schlage zigbee lock.

I am trying to make a rule that sends a notification when an incorrect lock code is entered. I first checked if the hub is made aware when an incorrect lock code is entered and yes the hub is made aware. Here is a picture of a dashboard I have by my backdoor, it shows the lock in locked status (which it was when I took the picture)

As soon as I entered in an incorrect lock code my dashboard showed this:
I then proceeded to make this rule:
It doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated.

Most locks don't actually report this; the "unknown" means that the device sent something that the driver is trying to interpret as a lock state (locked or unlocked) but got a value it doesn't know how to parse. I'm not saying this doesn't necessarily mean "bad lock code entered," but this is what what staff who have written drivers for lots of these devices have said. If you turn on debug logging while you should get a debug log entry (in "Logs") for the actual data it's trying to interpret, which staff might be able to tell you if they've seen before, but my guess is that this won't really be this.

Then back to the rule: if this did work, what you'd want is to trigger on "Back door lock becomes unknown" based on the "Lock" capability, not "Lock Code." The "lock code" trigger will only match on a code Hubitat does know about. You then wouldn't need an IF/ELSE in your rule since it would only trigger on this particular event and could so could just send a notification or whatever (but again, as-is, you're likely to run into this at other times--I think if the lock jams is when I have seen it, not saying you don't also in your particular case). But there's nothing stopping you from just trying this and see how it works. My guess is you'll get notifications sometimes when you're not expecting them, but if this actually works to get them when you want them too, then.... :man_shrugging:

thanks for the help. it looks like the only thing that happens is the log entry and the tile changing to the state shown above. I cannot figure out how to trigger the rule or make the conditions. What would work is:
Trigger - Lock has a log entry
Conditions - If the word "unknown" is in the log do this...

I guess "unknown" isn't available as a state for a trigger, but you could trigger on "changed" instead, then use an IF:

Trigger: Lock becomes *changed* (choose the "Lock" capability, not "Lock code")


IF (NOT Lock is locked AND NOT Lock unlocked) THEN
 // Do things

(or, equivalently, IF (NOT (Lock is locked OR lock is unlocked)) THEN).

Again, I suspect you're likely to run unto "unknown" in unexpected cases and not just this one, if it does reliably do it for this one, but it can't hurt to try. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into it. It appears the "Lock becomes changed" only refers to either lock going from locked to unlocked status or lock going from unlocked to locked status.

When the lock reports "unknown" in the log, it doesn not activate the trigger "Lock becomes changed"

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