Inconsistent results from a relatively simple Rule

I have been living with some inconsistencies on this rule for some time, but I have decided to try to address them, but without much success.

In essence, I want to the Security System and the Hall Camera to turn on every evening from 22:00 - 08:00, regardless of Presence. And, I want both devices to turn on if both David and Eileen are Not Present, and of course to switch off if either D or E returns. David & Eileen are Life360 Presence. I have tried using both phones but I am getting more consistent results with Life360.

Frequently I will get notified that The Security System is now 'ON' followed by another notification that says The Security System is now 'OFF'. Frequently, I find the systems on when I expected them to be off, or indeed the other way round.

I am wondering if I have complicated the Rule too much with the middle Else-If.

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

How reliable is the presence detection? If its GPS and you are losing signal inside your house, you may be triggering between present / not present during the 8 to 22 time period and toggling between on/off. Check if there is an event log from your presence sensor that may show unexpected presence changes.

Here's a thread on presence sensing. In this, some users talk about combining presence from multiple sources into a "virtual" presence sensor to increase reliability. Presence is a little wonky - any alternative to Life360?


While I agree with the need for a reliable presence detector, I think the rule is contributing to this as well. We use Iris V2 Smart Fobs (4 button) which have been very reliable. Unfortunately, they are getting very hard to find. It would be nice if another source could be found. I've also used Iris V1 Key Fobs (2 button), and they are okay also but easier to hit the button in the pocket with something.

Why not use the Hubitat Safety Monitor application for the security system and have the rule for your cameras? Since I have been using the Motion application on Linux for my cameras, I can't specifically address your situation. This is the rule I use for presence with the fobs:

I don't know it will give you any ideas of what to try. You also might create a rule separate from the security system just for the cameras.

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Thanks for that reply. I'll read down that. Seems to have generated quite a bit interest.

That's certainly something to check out. I can run the two rules and compare the reliability.

Thanks folks.