Including Delay in Scene

Is there a way to include a delay between actions within a Scene? I'm trying to turn on lights in specific order with delays in between, I have tried the "Sequencer" app, but it does not give option to Turn a device OFF while turning some On. Any help appreciated

Have you tried the Basic Rules app? You would need to add one light at a time, but could add a small wait between each.

I didn't think of that, will give it a try , Thank you for your assistance

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I was able to accomplish that with the exception of being able to set Brightness level for the lights, as I would be able to do so with the "Scenes" option. Any idea?

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Can you share a screenshot of your rule? There should be a β€œlevel” option available to set the Brightness.

Thanks Sebastien, I found the "set settings" choice in the drop down

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