Inaccessible working hub with known IP address

I am new to Hubitat and have had my c-7 hub (Platform version: up for only a couple of weeks. Up until yesterday I was able to access the hub via its IP address from Safari. I also use a UniFi UDM Pro and have "fixed" the hub IP address within this router. Google voice control has been enabled and still works as does an automatic rule for Ikea blinds.

Steps performed so far:

  • Attempt to access hub via expected (and fixed) IP address. Safari (iOS) and Opera (Windows 11) both time out.

  • Signed into the iOS Hubitat app. Here I can see my registered hub IP is as expected. I can access all my dashboards and the (automatically generated?) lights "dashboard". "Connect to hub" launches Safari and times out.

  • Signed into Here I can see my registered hub is at expected IP address. "Connect to hub" launches Opera and times out.

  • on iOS brings up the search page which clocks forever. Using "Advance Discovery" only the MAC address lookup works to show the expected IP address. Clicking that leads to time out.

  • on Windows results in "This site can't be reached". Windows troubleshooter reports resource is online but isn't responding.

  • Attempted to use both http://hubIP:80 and https://hubIP:8080 with no effect.

  • Held reset button on hub for 2 seconds (no effect) and 8 seconds (no effect). Unsure of last backup so reluctant to perform a factory reset.

  • Power disconnected and reconnected.

  • LAN cable replaced.

Any suggestions or is factory reset next step?

Never factory reset.

Your hub is working as you have identified. The issue, I believe is that you can't connect on your LAN. That's a LAN issue. Yes, I know you have a fixed ip, but clearly that's not working. It's got a different IP address, which is working as you've shown to yourself.

The small button on the bottom simply resets networking and since you're having a networking problem, it's possible that the first time you did this is what caused the problem.

Not sure if it's related, but I had a very similar issue on my old C-4. I never really got to the bottom of what the issue was, trying a soft reset multiple times and rebooting etc. In the end I did a soft reset (I think) via the hub diagnostic tool, upgraded the platform then restored from a previous backup. There was an issue at one point in the process where appeared to be stuck rebooting. I needed to access it via my laptop browser at that stage.

That may be masking an issue that did not require such a sledge hammer, but I was struggling to diagnose the issue.

Thx for suggestions.

Never mind. Found the issue. The IP is exactly the same fixed value I thought it was and saw correctly reported in all tools mentioned.

The issue is within UniFi and how VLAN isolation is done via the 'Guest' switch. As this hub is on my IoT VLAN I turned on Guest so there is no VLAN cross traffic unless I specifically create firewall rules for it. Turns out there is no traffic within the Guest VLAN either.

From both my tablet and PC I had switched networks to the IoT network where Hubitat is located thinking this would be enough to allow access. Nope!

Turned off Guest and there it is. Now to figure out the Unifi firewall rules needed to make this work properly. End game is to allow specific devices access to the hub on the IoT VLAN from my general purpose VLAN. I will update this thread with that when I get to it....


Updating with some Unifi information other people’s reference.

Many firewall products default to blocking inter VLAN communication. Unifi does not. One way to block inter VLAN is to use ‘Guest’ type for the network. This will prevent inter VLAN traffic AND also all traffic between clients on the network.

The solution is to use a regular network and for inter VLAN blocking use a guide. I used this YouTube video Securing your Unifi network 2022 - YouTube.

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