In-Wall switch + outlet options

I'm hoping there's an option out there for a combo single gang switch (controllable via zwave/zigbee/anything) and an outlet to replace an existing "dumb" version of this.

Are there any options out there for this? I don't need the outlet controllable, but that would be a bonus. Trying to avoid cutting out the single gang for dual gang for this.


While there isn't a pre-built solution, you can very easily built on yourself, as along as your single-gang workbox is deep. If it isn't, replace it with an old-work deep single-gang work box, like this one.

Then do the following:

  1. Get a zigbee/z-wave in-wall switch module that supports an external switch, like the Zooz ZEN51 (there are many other similar modules available).
  2. Wire it using the manufacturer's instructions.

This will permit you to control the load attached to the switch via z-wave or zigbee, and use the outlet as a regular always-on outlet.

The z-wave/zigbee module will for in the back of the wall-box, while the switch/outlet combo will be in front.


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