In the News :: SmartThings Edge. Now functions like Hubitat?

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This smells like ST is migrating towards the Hubitat function of local processing? Are the Samsung folks coming around and upgrading ST to Hubitat levels???? :wink:

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I hope Smartthings have stepped up in a big way as it will push the limits for the entire home automation industry.

I came over from Smartthings earlier this year due to how unreliable it had become. The lag time for cloud controlled devices was unacceptable, sometimes devices went offline, and I had weird issues with Zooz switches constantly requiring breaker reset.

I still use Smartthings for some devices and everything has run very smoothly as of late. However, all of my automations are in Hubitat so I haven't really compared the speed of local processing in Smartthings vs Hubitat. I'd be curious to know if there is a noticeable difference in local processing speed be Hubitat and Smartthings with all else equal.

All I know is that it would be hard to beat the c7 local processing speed.

ya i jumped ship last year and this doesnt sound any different without groovy the way to implement automations and apps is unteneable for small developers.


Agreed. Although, there is a path forward for DTHs from individual users/developers.

The new Rules API looks horrendous right now.

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This has definitely peaked my interest. Local was the reason I went with hubitat in the first place

I’ll believe it when I see it.

They said they were doing local processing when the ST hub v2 came out in 2015.

Granted, this looks like a more significant investment into local processing. But I suspect they may not do a very good job in the end this time as well. I don’t think Samsung really cares about local processing, they seem to have some significant motivations to keep ST users cloud-dependent. But they’re smart enough to know what will make power users and tech “journalists” buzz on the interwebs about the latest ST ”game-changer” for a while.


And their V3 hub has half the RAM as the V2 (only 256M) and a processor that is half as fast.

I do think they will get simple automations running locally. But not more complex setups.

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