In search of a no neutral wire required, zigbee paddle switch

Just in need of a few basic on/off paddle light switches to replace dumb ones.

I don't need a dimmer, just on/off is all.

Have an old house so no neutral wire is a must.


Don't know if these work, but I have two of them. I am using a third reality switch that mounts over an existing switch. My house had a few switches with no neutral as well. I thought the third reality switch had gone bad but it turned out it was my hub. I got it straightened out and never tried the no neutral switch. I think I will one day but I never seem to get around to it.

I have some red series Inovelli no neutral dimmer switches, and they work well.

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These are the ones I've used for months. No issues and super responsive.
EDIT: Lol.. just realized I'm using the same thing as terminal3.

It's this review fairly accurate?

Not from my house.
I used one in each of my kids bedrooms and one in the basement.
All dimming is done from their ceiling fan remotes.
I have had zero issues with the lights responding either physically or digitally.
From what I remember, I do think the plates snap on after installation of the switch.
But no, mine do not stick out from the wall at all.
I suppose if your electrical box is not correctly installed and flush; it could cause it to "lean" to one side.. but I did not have that issue.
It is a push button; and not a rocker switch.

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I have one Aqara no neutral switch installed in my house. The switch took a few attempts to get it paired but has been stable since installation a couple of years ago.

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Check out the Inovelli Red (Z-wave) and Blue (Zigbee) series. They work without a neutral with some limitations.

They with perfectly and are a pretty darn good price.

Yeah the price was right. Just by the time they arrived I had sorted out my issue with the Third reality switch so I never installed. Still sitting on my desk in the box. I really need to hook them up, I have a couple places I could use them and get rid of the third reality switch. Those switches work well but not all that esthetically pleasing.

The SonOff ZBMINI-L doesnโ€™t require a neutral. My bathroom lights are controlled by this and the ZBMINI-L is controlled by a momentary Zooz Decora switch.

Both the switch and the mini fit in a standard depth box.

@tom.guelker - Thanks I will give this a go. I hope they fit in these older house boxes.

I have 2 Blue series Inovelli already, and had a red series Inovelli already. I wish they made a simple switch but doesn't look like they do.

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You may consider the Zemismart switches, you will find it at Ali Express. They are reliable, unexpensive, with good construction and some of them don't require neutral.

I use it since its release in some rooms where I hadn't neutral on the switches. The only question is that they are endpoint devices, so they don't repeat the Zigbee signal.

Zemismart is also one of the few Chinese stores that offer a good post sales service!