In need of a tool for HPM

I recognize that Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) is not a native HE app and therefore can gain no integration into the HE interface directly (but wouldn't that be nice!).
I want to find a way to check that all the user Drivers I've added to my system are or are not managed under HPM.
Ideally it would be great to open Drivers Code page and sort with a column with the header "HPM managed?" and then each driver have a yes/no. But as I said above, I expect this is impossible and therefore has to be some form of app or report run of some flavor.
I just scanned every known package in HPM using Package Explorer but it has not 'hit list' ability I'm aware of. Any ideas or is this a 'write your own' type thing?

The match up feature built into the package manager sort of does this. It can tell you if there are apps/drivers installed that aren't being managed. Anything else would indeed be a write your own type thing.


thanks - I'd seen and run that but it doesn't actually give me a listing. I wanted to check if I'm running non-HPM drivers I've picked up along the way ie; at various times I've been recommended or directed to places to implement something while attempting to solve a problem and things have gotten messy. I can't find a way to easily identify 'this driver is out of HPM/HE management'. I will have to make a list and hand compare it - it's the only way I can see ATM.
Note - HPM does have a View Apps and Drivers which will be useful. Bummer it's not seperated as Drivers and Apps but I can at least start there!

Only suggestion I would make is that you split any requests between those that are HE specific and those that are HPM specific. @dman2306 and HE staff aren't enemies by any means, but have their own priorities....

Given you appear to be trying to get HPM working, probably worth starting there first...

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:slight_smile: ty! I'd already followed that up as well... I think I'm on just the right amount of caffeine this AM.
I felt a post more general would be of value since it's possible someone other than the HPM person might take up the banner. While I feel very comfy with SQL, my skills with groovy suck still.

as an after note - I exported my list of drivers into excel then hand crossed referenced. of the 48 drivers from various sources - it was a surprise to see that 8 were external to HPM! Heres the top of the list I have:

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I think that's essentially what the package match up feature is supposed to do? That's what I've used it for, IIRC. @dman2306 can clarify I'm sure.


There's packages that could be added to HPM but the developer isn't around to cobble together the elements. I created a space to cure that when it's needed.

For packages that are 'abandoned' the Licenses we use allow another developer to fork the work and carry on. It's likely that new work would get added to HPM. For other 'abandoned' work, there's nothing new to be added. It works, and no new features demand a developer. That's the group I focused on and created a place to add HPM manifests that the community want to add. Again, these are typically from developers that have moved on and no new work is needed. Perhaps it's for a device that is no longer for sale, but lots of people have one.

If the package's code is available, I can get it added to HPM via this method.

Let me know what they are and I'll try and gather the elements and add to the already existing "Hubitat Community" package manifest. I created it for the Aeon HEM driver that matches the criteria... not for sale, people have them and need the driver.
Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 10.42.58 AM

I'm only offering to get packages added to HPM, not looking to take on Development. :smiley:


Yeah, that worked out enough work for me compared to what I expected for EcoWitt. Not that I am complaining, more admiration for your offer to pick up an abandoned driver...

Don't be so naive, you will become the guy for those drivers.... :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have immense powers of Ignore.