In fan controller compatible with HE

Anyone know of a device that can be mounted inside the fan base to control a fan that is compliant to australia wiring standards?

Happy to buy complete fan if there is an inbuilt model.

I currently have an RF model fan/light but was hoping to do away with this, I also dont have access to rewire an additional core to the switch as its an old house and switch is on a nib wall.



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I did some testing and found most fans don't like the currently available Z-Wave / Zigbee "fan controllers" - You get weird noises etc from the fan as they don't like PWM control.

So What I did was install Z-Wave switch modules behind Clipsal Iconic wall plates with momentary switches and a normal rotary fan controller. The Fan rotary speed just gets left on #2 speed and the dual nano controls power to the fan and light.

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If you have 2 In wall switches, you could try something like this

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I'm using a single "Dual Nano" module to control the Fan and Light.

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Love these little devices!

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Cheers, This would absolutely work, but loses a little functionality, I am still going to use my RF unit and the RM4 pro that I currently have. I was hoping some supplier like TLE / Beacon would have an option that is wifi / zigbee / zwave and compatible with HE. I only have Active and a switch wire available at the switch and am already utilising the switch wire with a shelly to control the downlights

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Anything here suit your needs?

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I might give this a go using shelly 2.5's or the nano dual, just need to work out the logic for the control, dashboard or button (since I dont have a switch wire).... guessing you are using rule machine to ensure low, medium and fast cancel each other when switched? and off cancels all?

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That should work also..
I haven't got this actually set up and running. I came across this setup while looking for fan control for myself at some stage. So can't comment yet on how logic would be setup.

Keen to see how you get along tho!
This is the link of the acrticle

I have been thinking about this and I dont think I will use the HE environment for the switch interlocking, If I use the Shelly devices I can use their inbuilt UI to hit the API's of the other switches over URL and turn them off if an output turns ON. Then use the HE environment and maybe utilise a variable to control which output is turned on/off from a single attribute button on the dashboard.... :thinking:

Finished, I used a shelly 2.5 and a shelly 1, and did some interlocking using their DDD stuff to ensure that no switches could be on simultaneously. I added a global variable to take care of the numbers, a virtual switch to help me with dashboard control and a virtual button to actuate it.

I used a custom rule to tie it all together and took advantage of the css editor to layer and manipulate the three dashboard tiles to look like one cohesive one.

Ive had a lot of fun and now have an automated fan process that I think I will use on my other fans.


Well done!
Do you have a manual wall speed controller also? Can it still be used?

I don’t have a neutral at my switches so I had to do this up in the fan cowl. So no, not with this instance. But absolutely, if your situation has a dedicated fan wire and a neutral, you could absolutely use the fan switch and provide 3 digital inputs to the shellys (to match the outputs going to the caps) I was also considering using a momentary button as an input to copy the dash virtual button but I a) didn’t have enough cores at my switch and b) figured it would be a pain in the butt to know what the variable was at.

I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

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