In case you missed it! Learn about the built-in Notifications app and new Inovelli products

In case you missed last night's Hubitat Live! episode: learn about Notifications built in app and how to use it - presented by Bruce Ravenel, Chairman of Hubitat. (@ 02m:00s)

Also, check out the new and exciting Inovelli products - presented by Eric Hines, the Founder of Inovelli. (@ 11m:30s)

BONUS! Pro-Tip how to safely remove a device without creating problems with existing apps (@ 08m:20s)

I must have been sleeping under a rock. I completely missed the release of the Notifications App. I was still doing all my notifications with RM. This was great and the use case (lock notifications) was one I was just starting to think about. I had it done and working before the live video came back!

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Are we not talking about this?


He said to not talk about it so we won’t :wink:

Yes, we are :slight_smile: