In case you missed it! Learn about different types of smart microcontrollers

In case you missed last night's Hubitat Live! episode:

  • @GregT intro and brief State of Hubitat (@ 00m:30s)
  • CES experience and final thoughts (@ 06m:27s)
  • Quick preview of what devices are in testing (@ 19m:20s)

Microcontrollers (@ 24m:10s)

Here are a few answers to some of the questions that the team didn't get to address last night:

Kevin Adams:
​What advice do you have for someone just starting out? Type of devices? Z-Wave vs Zigbee vs Wifi, etc.. Hearing to avoid z-wave because it’s a proprietary protocol. Any concerns here?

  • Answer: I would encourage you to learn about what devices are available for your region and what are some of the things you might want to automate in your home. Here is one of the many community threads that you may find useful: New Smart Home, Starting with Hubitat. I would first consider building strong Zigbee and Z-Wave networks. Many recommend Z-Wave as one of the best choices for smart homes, it is an open standard, it could be more resilient than Zigbee (if your home has a congested 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band) and more

Steve Maddigan:
​Any news re: google nest integration?

  • Answer: Google has not officially released the new Nest API, but when they do, we may consider integrating Nest devices again, if possible.

James Watts
​Any space issues with those (toggle switches)?

  • Answer: The microcontrollers are smaller than the box that a regular smart switch comes with. I use that toggle with Aeotec's micro and nano and there is plenty of room.

Nice livestream last night ..


@GregT No need to wait for Yummly. I've had this for over a year and it's excellent. Measures both internal and external temperature at the same time just like you saw with Yummly. There's a long range version, but honestly you don't need it. I just keep an old iPhone 5 near the thermometer when I'm barbecuing and that puts it into their cloud so I can actually leave the house and still monitor it from anywhere.

It's even Alexa enabled so I can ask "Alexa, ask Meater for the temperature, or ask Meater how much time is left". Works great! So simple to use. You just enter what you're going to cook and how well you want it cooked. It does the rest. You can save custom "cooks" too.

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