Improve Rule Machine Set Thermostat Scheduler Action


I would like to be able to simply set individual Thermostat Scheduler temperature setpoints via Rule Machine without specifying settings that I don't want to change. For example, based on some conditions, I just want to change the cooling setpoint for my Late Morning Thermostat Scheduler custom time period, and nothing else.

To do this right now, the "Set Thermostat Scheduler" allows "Set Mode Setpoints", and "Set Days/Times Setpoints".

If I choose "Set Mode Setpoints" then only the predefined "mode" time periods are displayed. So the custom time periods I created in Thermostat Scheduler are not available.

If I choose Set Days/Times Setpoints, then I can select one specific custom time period from the Thermostat Scheduler, but then it requires me to input a start time for the period, in addition to the temperature setpoints.

The problem with requiring a time period in Set Days/Times Setpoints, is that if I want to generally change the start time for that period in the Thermostat Scheduler (not via a rule), then I need to change every one of the Rule Machine Rules and actions that reference this custom time period. This can result in adjusting 8+ rule settings every time the time is adjusted.

What I would like to have happen at a minimum is to remove the requirement for a specified time in the Set Days/Times Setpoints, which if left unfilled, would just use the time already indicated in the Thermostat Scheduler.

Another thing that could be nice would be to create another drop down selection to Set Time Period Temperature Setpoints that could behave just like Set Mode Setpoints, but would fetch all of the time periods in the chosen Thermostat Scheduler instead of just the 4 default modes.