Impressive, tiny onvif camera

Bought one of these to have a play. Didn't expect much to be honest.

Wow! Very discrete, totally cute little 1080P video camera, including a little swivel mount, a small battery so it can even be used for a short time unplugged, yet is easily powered from the included 5v USB-a adaptor. Even has audio and IR for night viewing (limited range but OK in a small/medium size room). You can add an SD card if you like for local storage.

It links in seconds to Tuya/Smart Life etc. and supports ONVIF, so can be linked to Google Home (eg. "hey Google show me the Living Room camera") and even better than that is easy to get into tinyCam or suchlike. So now I have it running 24x7 and providing motion and object (person, face, pet, vehicle) detection with triggers straight into HE using my little tinyCAM integration app I created a while back and can put the video feed into dashboard image tiles easily too.

I think I'm gonna get a few more!


Tip on finding the right url for Onvif cameras.... download a Windows app called "Onvif Device Manager". It found the camera immediately and provided all the details including the web page url for the camera. I haven't worked out how to change the resolution of the stream, but apart from that it all works nicely.

Nice find! useful for monitoring the garage. I setup a spare camera to watch my garage door when I was setting up GDO automation - this would be a good choice for replacing that.

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How long does the battery last?
What kind of battery is it?

Same camera is on Amazon (It mentions using Tuya Smart for cloud storage.)

Yeah, that's it, I think the same. Just make sure it's the Onvif version. I'm in Asia so AliExpress is easier for me so I tend to search there or Lazada first.

I think not long.... 20 mins or something like that. I only tested it for a few minutes. Better to power it from a larger battery or the mains.