Importing zwave network data from zstick

Hi... I am thinking about moving to Hubitat from Homeseer, and I have a zstick that is used to control a set of devices, especially about 5 Yale locks that are extremely painful to pair.

What I would love to do is be able to insert the stick, and have hubitat read the network info and than take over as the primary controller. Is that possible to do?

I really don't want to re-pair the locks...


In general, the answer's going to be no, I'm afraid.

The current Hub, the C-7, doesn't support external ZSticks plugged into it's microUSB port like the C-5 and earlier does. You'd need to make the ZStick the Primary (which isn't possible with the C-7) then join the Internal ZWave Radio as Secondary in order to get the ZStick's DB copied to the internal ZWave radio DB.

So that's the first step that isn't possible. The second step that isn't possible is getting the 'foreign' DB to be imported into the Platform DB. Fundamentally what you'd have after accomplishing step one, would be a Stick full of Ghosts. :slight_smile:

If I had to perhaps I'd use one of my C-5's to use the ZStick and try to coerce the internal (platform) DB to "import" a device at a time. Then I would try and migrate that to a C-7.

I'd probably give up though since I have had great luck with Yale Locks. :smiley:

Thanks for the info. Good to know what works and what doesn't before trying to spend time on it!