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I may have requested this before, so apologies if that is the case...

When I have exported a child app it would be nice if, when choosing the import option from an instance of the parent app, the child app could be created as a child of the parent, rather than a new instance of the parent app.

The situation I am trying to avoid is:

I would like to have all the "Better Laundry Monitor" child apps under the one parent app.

You can get what you want in this particular case by putting singleInstance: true in the definition of the parent app (or convincing the developer to do the same). This won't change anything that has already happened, just stop it from happening in the future.

I'd guess this is how most parent apps in parent/child situations handle this, though I suppose there could be some cases where you want entirely separate instances like this for some reason. In that case, I suppose maybe importing could present the option. This app doesn't seem like one of those cases, so the above is probably the best solution, though the issue still stands--just not sure it's something that would come up a lot normally.

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I assume the original, non-parent/child App is still viable. The entire point of my converting the original to parent/child was to get the single "hanger" for multiple appliances. I really did want to have Washer and Dryer hanging below a single App. Its had a few improvements since, but it might work better for the Import case.

As long as you don't want separate parent apps, putting singleInstance: true in the parent app as suggsted should do what the OP wants. (This does not affect child apps, and you indeed do not want this flag set there.) Seems like that was also your goal?


I recently chose this app to monitor a TV so now it's name doesn't match it's use. :smiley: Having that 'hang under" the Laundry Parent seems silly to me, so I created a 2nd Instance.

It's a Kid thing.. bedtime means the TV should be OFF. I have a Rule that does that but it didn't take more than 4 mins for the tiny button on the appliance switch to be pressed, turning it back ON. BLM gives me a way to get Notified of this and respond with an hour long loop of OFF commands every minute. :smiley:

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 9.00.53 AM

(Last night was not a school night, so a later OFF is allowed.)

Ah, I get it now! (And it seems even the OP has other devices like humidifiers.) So, maybe easiest to just add this yourself and remember to make sure it's there before any import? I'd also guess the parent app isn't much more than a "container" and doesn't get updated that often, so this workaround should be pretty simple.


Thanks @bertabcd1234 . While I haven't tested it yet, I expect you are right that your suggestion will solve my immediate situation, but having the import process honour where you choose to do the import would be even better.

I'll check out the workaround in the next few weeks.

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