Image tile not working in iPhone

I have link like one below in Image Tile. It works fine on both local and cloud Dashboards on PC.

Why doesn't it work on iOS Mobile? I can open the same link in iPhone Safari and I get a picture. It seems that iOS is not real mobile while same problem exist if I open the Hubitat url in Safari. Any workarounds?


In the app, you can't open a local address when you aren't on your local network. Using the cloud link on your computer while it is still inside your local network isn't the same. Your router is doing the magic. If you used Safari on your phone, using your local WiFi and the cloud link, you should see the the image like you do on your computer. There is no simple safe way to overcome this. Your router is preventing outside access to the local resources.

That is not the case. The link is external ip. I've tried both local 192.168... and external 88.113... Result is the same. I can see the link in PC no matter local or cloud or outside the wifi. In iPhone never in any situation. If I open the link in tile in safari it works, but not inside the tile no matter what I do.

My apologies then. Your description was not explicit enough to determine that you were referring to an external link. You can have external links and they do work in the app. I do not know what the issue is with the representative link you posted. Have you searched for answers in the community?

No worries. I've been searching but have not found anything. Those are links to Dafang Hack cameras. Links should show picture, but they just don't on mobile. They show blank on iPhone and broken link on Android. It is only tiles that cannot show the picture on mobile.
I cannot be the only one with this issue?

So since links do work, in your case the differences are authentication and port. My guess would be the authentication causes the failure but absolutely just a guess. You can probably eliminate the port issue a lot easier, especially if you test internally. Perhaps @chuck.schwer could comment.

Found solution from another forum -> Drop the authentication and https -> http
Dafang to work with ...

Glad you got it to work but that does leave you totally exposed to the world without any security at all. I would be concerned that a small camera would be very vulnerable to attack and could lead to your home network being compromised. I don't know how much the cloud IP changes, but at the absolute minimum, I would look at limiting access to that link to the address at your home firewall.