Image processing to change background color of the room

Project idea:
The background of the room can be changed based on the color of the clothing of the occupant(s). Usually, LED light strip or bulb will be in the background and based on the final RGB value of the real-time image of the clothing, background color will be changed every few seconds/minutes. Possible? I think, the hard part will be image processing. A cellphone can be used to capture and transmit the image for processing and HE hub can be used to control the color. Any suggestion?

There are a few examples out in the wild to do something like this, just not for hubitat, nor based on clothing. Most do an average of the colors in the entire scene or a specified area and then average them to output a color, and most are aimed at video matching.

Not saying its not possible, but short of just having a way to snap an image of something like someones shirt and have the room match it (which is already implemented in several of the apps that come with led bulbs and strips) its going to require a lot of work and cpu power to pull off.

Basically unless you just rig up a static hitbox in the camera feed to pull a color average from your going to need algorithms to determine what in the room is a person, then what part of that person is clothing versus skin or the couch/chair/wall/carpet behind them, you need to do that for everyone in the room, you need to take those colors and average them out. from there you need a way to feed that value to hubitat to be used in a rule etc. (maker api maybe) so it can trigger your lights.

Now if you just want to integrate one of these apps that already have a camera color match feature it will be alot easier to do

Thank you very much for the information. I will dig into the information you provide.

The Magic Home app for WiFi lamps has this. You use your camera to pick a colour and it will match the lamp(s) to that view. It also allows you to control the colour/level using a music file or the microphone. It works surprisingly well with some cheap lamps I bought from China.

Thanks for the information. Do I need to buy specific light or will any RGB LED work? Thanks again

Something like this...

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There is also a community driver for lamps like this...

... although I had problems with it and reverted to zigbee lamps instead in the end. But for your use case of matching colours then I recall the Magic Home app has this and that works with cheap WiFi bulbs. Suggest get a couple and test it out.

Thank you. I will try