I'm sure I am missing something - Finding Devices

Hi all,

I haven't been able to find any answers in the forums, so I thought I'd just ask.

What should my expectations be around z-wave device discovery and distance? So far, I've only paired two switches and a light bulb. The switches are in the same room as the hub and they were discovered quickly. The lightbulb is in the next room and the hub could not find it until I moved the lamp into the same room with the hub. I was under the impression that the switches would have acted as relays (they are inovelli red simmers) which should give me a bit more range. The funny this is that once configured, the bulb was controlable even when placed back in it's original location.

Maybe the mesh doesn't help for discovery?

Am I doing something incorrectly here or should I expect to have to move devices very close to the hub for discovery?

Thanks in advance.

Did you do a z-wave repair after you discovered the switches?

No I don't think I did. Not sure I've ever run z-wave repair.

This should help you.
More about Zwave repair.

Thanks for the information. This makes sense on how to build/maintain a solid mesh. I can see why you would want to do a repair if you need to bring the device close for discovery and then move it to another location.

Still unclear about discovery in the first place. Does the mesh play a role in discovery or only in command routing?

Yes the mesh will play a role in the discovery of new devices, when you do a z-wave repair it updates the tables for each z-wave repeater. Which basically extends the reach of your hub.
When you have your mesh built up you shouldn’t have to bring the new device close to the hub as long as you have a repeater close to your new device.
I’m sure someone else can explain it better.

Great. Thanks so much for the quick responses and information! Really appreciate it.

I think the system eventually will pick up the new devices and route through them if that is appropriate. The Z-Wave repair accelerates that process.