I'm not usually one to complain but . . . messages on thread close?

I just logged in and saw I had 39 unread messages. I thought it must be a pretty active day! As it turned out, they were all threads that had been closed. I'm all for closing threads after a certain amount of time as it helps prevent commenting on zombie threads.

Is it possible for you (or for me) to make a configuration change in the community so when you close a thread it doesn't generate a message to me? It would be much appreciated.



Is the nature of the beast, closing a thread, automatically generates a "closure" notification. In case you missed it, check this earlier announcement for more details:

I am all for the prevention of re-awakening zombie threads!


To add to the above, if you actually got an e-mail and not just an "unread" message in the forum, that much you can control in your user Preferences:

I think this is the default setting, and it might not be what you mean, but it's an option some people might have turned on. Otherwise, a new "unread" count just seems to be normal Discourse (the forum software) behavior for many moderator actions, despite some feature requests in their forums for the opposite.

Since this was a one-time effort, as mentioned above, you shouldn't get this influx again [EDIT: OK, I guess a few-times effort spread out over a few days, so there may be a bit more]--but may see it from time to time on "Watched" topics in categories that are automatically closed or topics anywhere that are closed manually (often with a fun explanation from staff as to why :smiley: -- or a real reply to go along with the unread count, at least!).


Yes, I think I just saw the surge of messages today because the effort is new. As it becomes a regular procedure it shouldn't be quite so many . . .

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This morning was the first wave for posts under one category (Get Help), the clean-up will continue for the next few days for other categories, so the unread count may go up again.


LOL so imagine my shock when while sipping my second cup of coffee I open up the forum and see I have 276. Woke me up real quick.:rofl:

Was easy to resolve though just marked them all as read.


I think they're going crazy with closing threads. Call them 'zombie' threads, but if they're still relevant, why close them? Was it really a problem?

They are still available to search and read, they are just closed for further comment.
(Closed does not mean deleted).


Some are relevant, some are not. When people do something like dredge up a 3 year old thread about a bug in Rule Machine, and we have had years of hub updates and bugfixes, it really isn't relevant. So it is a problem in a sense, people asking for help are going off outdated information, and their question sometimes gets buried. It would be better for them to start a new thread or use a current one.

Some threads are incorrectly categorized, and accidentally being closed. Those can be reopened and moved to the correct section of the forum. Other threads are still relevant despite being old or having minimal activity, again they might accidentally get closed because they appear to be out of date. Staff will reopen threads that should not have been closed if you ask them.

I think this is a larger effort to better organize this forum, so temporarily it might get a bit messy while they are working on things.

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I had the same reaction when one of my first posts was closed. It was through that post that I first came to know many of the regulars on this board. ( @danabw ) And yet, the thread had grown to 622 entries over the years. Much of the information was outdated and could mislead a new user searching for information or solutions. (I guess it still could.)

Sadly, I had to let it go ....

But, we can always start new threads and even include links to our pearls of advice from days long ago!


I think a good compromise could be to create a new iblinds 3.x kit thread, with a link in the first post of the new thread to the original thread.

That way discussion/help can continue around iblinds 3.x w/out all the weight/baggage and old info of a 600+ post thread.

A fresh and more easily navigated start, and we don't lose access to all the detailed history.


My iBlinds have been working perfectly so I will let someone else start the new thread - unless everyone else's iBlinds work perfectly from here on out!

Most of the posts are about Z-Wave issues, driver updates, and rules for controlling the blinds. Hopefully, all of those issues are resolved.

One topic I think is useful is about modifying blind housings and controller hardware location to make the system compatible with most blinds. I just nibbled a new hole for the controller/charger port in the blind housing in five minutes and the system worked perfectly in an "incompatible" blind.

But .... we digress.


The greatest strength and weakness of any forum. :wink:


You guys just aren't saying the right "wrong" things. Mine tend to get closed within 24 hours, so this is not a problem. :rofl:


One thing people can do during this time while @bobbyd is cleaning things up is when you see 204 unread messages, sort by activity. Ones without locks will be at the top. You can go through those, then dismiss the others and they won't come back


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